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Abilities are special effects that are used by Troops beyond their normal attacks. These effects are resolved before their attacks, unless the Ability is related to an attack.

A Troop can have multiples of the same Ability, and there is no limit to the number of Abilities that a card can have (beyond space on the card itself). However, a few abilities do not have additional effect when double of it is gained by a unit. (for example: double immune)

Some abilities acting on enemies will not have any effect if enemy is immune.

List of Abilities[]

Ability Effect Affects? Pass through immune? Notes
Ally Gains ability when friendly units of certain Faction is in play. Varies Please refer to respective abilities

Human Ally: Gains Whirlwind

Elf Ally: Gains Heal 2

Orc Ally: Gains Attack Plus 2

Undead Ally: Gains Regenerate 2

Demon Ally: Gains Firebreath 1

Animated <Unitname> has a 50% chance of returning to the staging area when destroyed Self N/A Any effects (status effects, Artifacts ad Spells) are discarded when destroyed, even if successfully Animated. The ready of the unit is decreased by 1 of original ready. Ready increase does not stack.
Archery <Unitname> does double damage against enemy Infantry and Flying units Enemy Yes Only seen on Archers and a few of Cavalry.
Assassinate Destroys specified unit(s) Selected random unit No

Many aspects are linked to this ability.

Winning criteria: Details about the ability causing game to end

Immune: Artifacts equipped to immune units are protected

Reserve: Assassinating units only destroy artifacts carried by they.

Assassinate all will destroy all units excluding enemy immune units, and including ally immune units.

Attack Plus +x Equipping unit receives +x attack until the artifact or/and unit leaves play Self Yes Only seen on Artifacts
Berserk x <Unitname> gains +x attack each time it is damaged by normal attack Self Yes Does not function against ability-based damage.
Blast x <Unitname> does x damage to each enemy unit every action All enemies No Takes effect PRIOR to physical damage from the Troop's attack value
Block x <Unitname> ignores x damage from normal attack Self Yes Normal attacks will not cause any ability status if damage is fully blocked. Cannot defend against ability-based damage
Boost +x <Unitname> gains Attack Plus x for one turn only Self N/A Does not protect over Sap.
Burn All All enemies get flaming status. All enemies in play No Contrary to other flaming based abilities, it is not base on combat.
Chain Zap x Does x damage to all enemies of the same kind All enemies of the same kind No Executed before normal attack
Command x All allies in specified type other than the unit itself, gain x attack. All allies in specified type N/A The additional attack can be sapped but base attack of unit will be sapped first. Command all applies to every ally in play.
Death Aura Enemies attacking or being attacked by the unit become cursed, having 50% chance to skip normal attack on its action. Enemy No All abilities are unaffected.
Demoralize x At start of unit's action, decrease x points of enemy morale Enemy morale Yes Only freeze and trap status can stop the ability.
Deploy The following abilities will only take place when the unit enters play. Self N/A Entering play from any area does not matter.
Devour x y z Destroys one friend unit in play with certain specification, gaining +y attack and +z health. No unit to destroy means the unit loses y attack and z health. Self + One random specified ally N/A
Destroy x Cause the specified unit(s) to reach 0 health directly, causing it(them) to go to graveyard. Selected random units No For those killing units, that is renamed Assassinate, though Destroy artifacts is still a current ability.
Disease x Any unit attacked by <Unitname> becomes diseased, losing x attack and health Enemy No Will not stack with disease itself, only one disease status will take place. Animated units getting diseased before will appear with 1 attack and 1 health less.
Drain <Unitname> heals 1 health for each damage dealt to an enemy unit with a normal attack Self Yes Unit cannot gain more health than it started with (or if this was boosted by an Artifact, the highest allowed value). If the unit has other Abilities that damage, that damage will not credit the unit's health


Does x damage to a random enemy unit, healing the same amount of health to unit One random enemy and self No Unit cannot gain more health than it started with (or if this was boosted by an Artifact, the highest allowed value). Will gain only part of full value if victim has lower health than bolt damage.
Explode x When <Unitname> is destroyed, it does x damage to its opposing unit and adjacent enemy units Enemy and the two units adjecent to it No If destroyed with no opposing unit, "splash" damage still takes effect. Spash damage only affects units to the immediate right or left of opposing slot, and if those units are already destroyed, no effect on that side
Fear Cause Boost -1 to opposing and adjacent enemies each turn. Enemy and the two units adjecent to it Unknown Unknown if multiple fear in same turn stacks, but Fear will only last one turn, meaning one Fear unit can not cause -2 or less attack on any single enemy units.
Firebolt x Deals a random number of damage, between 1 and x, to a random enemy. Random enemy No
Firebreath x Deals x damage to enemy, and cause burning status. Enemy No Reflect does not work against this ability. Immune will prevent all effects.
Flaming When <Unitname> is damaged or damages an enemy, it gives burning status to enemy, causing it to lose 1 health upon end of each turn Enemy No Effect only applied once per attack. Burning all is a spell ability that burn all enemies without immune abilities.
Flying <Unitname> cannot be attacked be normal attacks without archery or flying abilities. Archery deals double damage to it. Self N/A Multiple flying do not stack.
Frenzy <Unitname> gains +x attack each time it successfully damages enemy by normal attack Self N/A 0 attack will effectively make the ability useless. Block is also useful for most frenzy attacks.
Gain x The specified unit(s) gains health, attack, or ability. Self or/and Ally N/A Give is identical to Gain except the unit with Gain cannot benefit.
Gain Morale x Increase x points of player's morale Player morale N/A Cannot boost over the initial amount of morale.
Harass x At the start of unit's action, add x ready to the lowest ready enemy in staging area. One enemy with lowest ready in staging area Yes Harass all would increase ready on all staging enemies
Heal x <Unitname> heals the most damaged friendly unit x health each turn One ally with lowest health N/A Heals happen prior to normal attacks and other Abilities. Does not remove Disease or Poison. Heal, heal is equivalent to 2 seperate heal abilities in one action. Will heal in the following order if health is equal: itself if most damaged, left to right on battle line
Health +x Equipping unit receives +x health Self N/A If health is over normal maximum, health will be displayed as blue. Any heal effects will be effective to the increased maximum
Icebolt x Does x damage to a random enemy unit, having 50% possibility to freeze an enemy, disabling his/her next attack One random enemy No Will target repeated enemy. Will even target frozen enemy, but freeze status will not stack.
Immune Many of the abilities acting towards the unit stop functioning. Self N/A

List of blockable abilities:

Blast, Burn all, Chain zap, Death aura, Disease, Drainbolt, Explode, Firebolt, Firebreath, Flaming, Icebolt, Poison, Retaliate, Sap, Trap, Zap

Increase Burn Causes 3 damage to all burning enemies All burning enemies Unknown
Lose Morale x Causes player morale to decrease by x as unit is put into battle area from graveyard or staging area Player morale N/A Can cause morale of player to 0 and force a defeat.
Lover If another lover unit is in play, attack +1 and health +2. Self N/A Multiple lovers do not stack the effect.
No Enemy Attacks Skips all enemy attack next turn. All enemies Unknown Enemies can still use heal apart from regenerate.
Pay Life x Loses x points of life at the end of unit's action Self N/A Can destroy the unit.
Poison x Any unit attacked by <Unitname> takes x additional damage at the end of their next turn Enemy No Damage takes effect after unit's next attack phase. Heal effect happen prior to attacks, so will always deal x damage to target. Poison all affects all enemies
Prevent Burn All enemy units cannot cause burning status to ally units during the turn. All enemies Unknown
Protect x Except the unit itself, all other units falling into the type in protection get +x health until the unit dies All allies in specified type N/A Allies die if protecting unit dies to cause those allies to fall under 0 health.
Rage Attack Plus 3 when health is at 2, 1(See notes) Self N/A No units can get 0 health while getting rage, since no artifacts and spells give rage, and all units with rage are at least 3 health. Rage burn gives Boost +3 to burning allies.
Reanimate Places a random unit from the graveyard in to play Allies in graveyard N/A Usually only seen as a Spell. Does not function if no ally is in graveyard.
Reclaim x Places x random unit(s) from the graveyard to staging area Allies in graveyard N/A Does not function if no ally is in graveyard.
Reflect x Deals x damage to enemies using zap, icebolt, drainbolt, firebolt or chain zap to attack the unit. Attacking enemies No Those infesting status do not trigger reflect. Also, Snipe and Firebreath pass through reflect safely.
Regenerate x <Unitname> regenerates x health per action Self N/A Regeneration happens just after attack before burning and poison damage take place, including undead ally, however artifact-based regeneration will take place after poison and burning damage.
Remove Flying Remove one random enemy's flying status. One random flying enemy N/A Remove all flying (Spell ground) removes all fly status of enemy units.
Retaliate x Any unit attacking <Unitname> receives x damage Enemy No Damage takes effect even if unit is destroyed
Rush x Removes x Ready counters from a card in the players staging area with the highest ready rating Highest current ready valued ally (turn based) N/A Highest current ready rating, not initial. If no cards in staging area, no effect
Sabotage A card with the highest ready rating in the opponent's staging area is sent to the graveyard Highest current ready valued enemy (turn based) Yes Only seen as a spell
Sacrifice The following effect will only take place when unit gets 0 health (Unsummon will not trigger it) Self N/A
Sap x Any unit attacked by <Unitname> loses x attack Enemy No If an unit is reduced to 0 attack it will not further reduce. A 0 attack unit just equipping a sword of prowess will get to 3 attack, regardless of how many time it was sapped.

Always deal enough damage to kill the enemy in certain specification being attacked. Igonres all defensive effects.

Enemy Yes

The slayer specifications available:

Orc, Undead, Demon, Dragon, Barrier, Giant (3 or more attack)

Sneak Attack x The first attack since entering battlefield will increase attack by x. The bonus is removed after that. Self Yes Entering play from graveyard does not disable sneak attack.
Spearhead Gains 1 attack at attack stage for each ally in play. Readjusted at every attack. Self Yes Immune to sap.
Trample Unit deals double damage to Archer units Enemy Yes Unit doesn't have to be of the Cavalry class, but the target unit has to have Archer card type. Units with just Archery Ability (Heroes, flying or cavalry) will not take double damage.
Trap <Unitname> traps a random enemy unit each action, causing that enemy to lose its next action. The success rate is 75%

One random enemy


Opposing enemy

No Will not target an enemy which has already been trapped. Will target an enemy being frozen but not trapped. Trap opposing will always target the opposing enemy.
When Pigs Fly Attack increases by 2 if unit is flying Self N/A As it indicates, the ability is only for warpigs.
Whip x <Unitname> whips a friendly Beast unit each turn, doing x damage to it and increasing its attack x One random beast Unknown Only units with card type as Beast will be affected. No effect otherwise. May destroy Beast if health reduced to 0
Wound All heal abilities will no longer target the unit, and removes all current regenerates from unit. Enemy Unknown
Zap x Does x damage to a random enemy unit One random enemy No Single target Troop. If no valid target, no effect. Executed before normal attack. Zap, Zap is an unique ability from stormbringer, it is treated as 2 seperate zap attacks.