Warstorm Wiki

Attack is one of the main element of a card. In the attack phase of a combat engagement, the attack value is gone through a number of calculations and the result value deducted from the enemy health.

The initial value of attack varies among types of card, from 0 to 4 currently. There are many ways to altar the current attack, as well as the final damage dealt to enemy. It should not be confused to abilities that changes attack of an unit before attacking. The thereotical maximum of current attack is infinite, but the minimum is 0.

Attack damage calculation during attack phase[]

Ability on attacker Ability on defender Effect
Archery -- Double damage to infantry and flying unit
Pikeman -- Double damage to cavalry
Trample -- Double damage to archer
Card type slayer -- Infinite damage to enemy of certain card type
Without archery or flying Flying No damage, acts as completely blocked
-- Block x Decrease final damage by x, ignored by Card type slayer
Sneak attack x -- Increases attack by x at first turn of attack since attacker comes into play
Spearhead -- Increases attack by number of allies in play, then the effect is ended

When an unit attacks another unit with multiple abilities affecting the result, Block is always calculated lastly. An archery unit with attack 2 dealing damage with a Block Flying unit will cause (2*2)-1=3 damage.

Attack changes outside attack phase[]

Status on attacker Effect
Diseased Decreases attack by 1
Death aura Will cause 50% of attacks to be skipped
Sap x X is invisible but the current attack of an unit can be seen. Attack can be decreased by sap and the number on card will be yellow. It can also be caused by artifacts.
Attack increase The current attack of an unit can be seen. The attack value of card will be shown in blue. It can be caused by Frenzy, Berserk or artifacts.