Warstorm Wiki

Cards fall in to a limited number of types, determining their interactions with each other.

The different card types are:

Card Type Similarities Weaknesses
Apparition All of them are undeads, and they have abilities. Undead slayer and immune enemies
Archer Most of them have archery. Trample
Barrier Most of them have 0 attack and rely on counterattack. Barrier slayer and non-attack base damage
Beast All of them will decrease 1 health and increase 1 attack, when whipped. Beasts have higher ready
Cavalry Most of them have trample. Some of them have block. Pikeman and non-attack based damage
Dragon Most of them are strong in one-on-one combat. Dragon slayer, archery (except elf dragons), assassination series spells
Fiend All of them are demons, and they have ability. Demon slayer
Hero All of them do not take double damage against any kind of attack. Most of the leading unit of a squad is a hero. Not useful partnered with command and protect sub-units
Imp All of them are demons, with low ready, low health and abilities. High attack rating and high health enemies
Infantry All of them have fairly good abilities with low ready. Archery and flying
Siege They damage the opponent's army purely by abilities. Fast damaging units (no need to be high attack)
Summoner All of them are demons, having low attack and helping abilities. High attack rating and high health enemies
Artifact All of them will equip to the leftmost unit when ready becomes 0. Will remain until unit dies or magic vortex takes effect. Will equip to second, third and etc. units if the leftmost unit(s) are equipping artifact. Will hold place if not enough units are in battlefield. Magic vortex or equipping to weak, pay-life units
Spell All of them will take effect and go to graveyard when ready becomes 0. Specific types of spells will return to ready state when criteria is not achieved, for example, no units in graveyard will cause recycle to remain in ready state. Immune for enemies generally, varies for self-based spells

Card types ad abilities[]

Many of the units falling in certain type have the relevant abilities. For example, nearly all archers have archery skill. Many dragons are strong related to the same ready valued cards. However there are exceptions, like Anglor Skirmisher having 0 attack and snipe ability.