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Each game card represents a part of your army. Most game cards are different kinds of warriors and creatures, but they can also be useful objects or spells. At the beginning of each battle, the squads of game cards that you have chosen are shuffled into a deck and used to play the game.

Each game card shows the following information:

Property Information
Card name The color indicates how rare this card is
Faction All cards are grouped by faction. Heroes can only lead other cards that have the same faction icon
Type Indicates what type of card this is. Types are grouped in to Heros (sic), Units, Artifacts and Spells
Ready How many turns this card must wait before entering play, after it was drawn
Units The number of Troops this hero has in her squad
Artifacts The number of Artifacts this Hero has in her squad
Spells The number of Spells this Hero has in her squad
Attack How much damage this card inflicts in battle each turn
Health How much damage this card can take before being send to the graveyard and out of play
Abilities Many cards have special Abilities. These Abilities are noted and described on the bottom third of the card

Layout examples[]

Card Layout.PNG