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Demon card types[]

Card Type Availability
Apparition No
Archer No
Barrier Yes
Beast Yes
Cavalry No
Dragon Yes
Fiend Yes
Hero Yes
Imp Yes
Infantry No
Siege Yes
Summoner Yes
Artifact Yes
Spell Yes

The faction-based artifacts are Burning Orb and Crown of Flames.

The faction-based spells are Ice Storm, Ignite, Blizzard, and Magma Blast.

Demon abilities[]

The major abilities of demons:

Demon Advantages[]

The Demons are not available in Novice Packs, but free players can still obtain them by buying Expert Packs with reward points.

The Demons are the only faction with Flaming, Firebreath, and Ice Armor abilities. This allows an Demon player to permanently damage their enemies with fire and minimize damage.

Demon Disadvantages[]

The Demons sometimes lack the speed of other Factions. Apart from that there are only a few protect units with low health and defense. Most of the units lack base attack but rely on abilities.

Demon Strategy[]

This faction is a harder to play faction, but works on field focus. Generally, they regenerate very well, and burn before dying, leaving an permanent mark. This faction seems to be more focused on burning in terms of different abilities. It is generally a well-played squad, but it has major potential in multi squads, as they have many allies. There is an Ally in every other faction but Orcs, instead having Slayer.