Duels artist drawing, although not actually involved in any of gameplay, is a very important part of history of Warstorm. As Warstorm was founded by Challenge Games which the first game was Duels, the company developed an automatic drawing system that draws sample humanoids and pets, (now many are implemented onto imps) along with default backgrounds. Early drawings of the Warstorm cards followed this style, and many of them still use these images, although some of them are replaced by manually drawn portraits.

The sampled Duels artist drawing, for human figures, generally have the bodies bent forwards, with the back fairly straight, holding weapon either straight pointing upwards, or close to the wrist. The faces of the figures look very similar. Some newer figures extracted from Duels follow another model, in which the figure stands straight instead.

The non-humanoid figures extracted from Duels are mostly flying creatures while spreading its hands.

Currently three dates where the graphics were updates were known: 3 March, 2010, 23 March, 2010 and 8 December, 2010.

The Red Tide Warrior is updated on January 2011.

List of updated cards on 8 December, 2010Edit

  1. Abtu-Kahn Acolyte
  2. Abtu-Kahn Priest
  3. Anden Horsebow
  4. Anden Maceman
  5. Anden Priest
  6. Anden Stormcaller
  7. ‎Anden Sunsword
  8. Anglor Squire
  9. Archaeologist Arugi
  10. Banur Cultist
  11. Banur Flame Priest
  12. Banur Ice Priest
  13. Banur Ritualist
  14. Burning Imp
  15. Blackpaw Grizzly
  16. Blue Summoner
  17. Dervish of Kulnar
  18. Dirty Rotten Zombie
  19. Diseased Wolf
  20. Estian Battlemage
  21. Estian Battle Cleric
  22. Estian Partisan
  23. Estian Ranger
  24. Estian Saboteur
  25. Estian Warlord
  26. Firemane Demon
  27. Frostburn Imp
  28. Grey Summoner
  29. Liege of Aradaan
  30. Mist Stalker
  31. Red Summoner
  32. Red Tide Berserker
  33. Red Tide Brute
  34. Red Tide Blackblade
  35. Snow Demon
  36. Sunsword Captain
  37. Vistav Shardbow
  38. Vistav Iceblade
  39. Vistav Beastslaver
  40. Vistav Trollget

Examples of comparing Duels drawing and Manual DrawingEdit

Card lg set4 glugar halfgiant r
Card lg set1 aangeloran footman
Card lg set2 felshian fighter r
Card lg set1 aangeloran pikeman r
Card lg set8 glugar halfgiant r
Card lg set7 aanglor footman-
Card lg set7 estain fighter r
Card lg set7 aangeloran pikeman r
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