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Elves card types[]

Card Type Availability
Apparition No
Archer Yes
Barrier Yes
Beast Yes
Cavalry Yes
Dragon Yes
Fiend No
Hero Yes
Imp No
Infantry Yes
Siege No
Summoner No
Artifact Yes (2)
Spell Yes (4)

The faction-based artifacts are Anden Longbow and Dawnward Sextant.

The faction-based artifacts are Choking Cloud, Beacon of Light, Entangle, and Lightning Storm

Elves abilities[]

The major abilities of elves:

Elven Advantages[]

Elves are one of the Factions immediately available in Novice Packs, although the more powerful cards are not available in the Novice set.

A list of advantages for Elves:

1. Elves generally have a low Ready rating, allowing them to enter play faster.

2. Elves also possess a wide range of indirect-damage abilities, the more common being Poison and Zap.

3. Elves have a wide variety of abilities, and they are one of the larger factions, making their true usefulness at the tips of the users fingers.

Elven Disadvantages[]

1. Elvish units generally lack the Health of the other Factions, making them easier to destroy.

2. Elves do not possess a single Flying unit. This can be a major disadvantage in some situations.

Elven Strategy []

Elf squads have many different strengths and are a good choice for newer players.