Warstorm Wiki

Experience is used in both versions of Warstorm to determine the strength of player. In addition to it, experience is revelant to level which a player gains more silver as daily login award if a higher level is achieved.

There are several ways to gain experience:

  • Completing daily campaigns gain total of 1500 experience.
  • Completing campaigns gains fixed amount of experience.
  • The maximum experience to get from a neighbour is 600.
    The maximum experience to get from a random player is 500.
  • Losing one battle before winning will get only 86% of maximum experience, losing twice gives 67.4%, while losing thrice or more gives only 40%.

The experience needed to gain a level is equal to the current level times 500.

For ease to reference the maximum experience gained, the first loss of a battle against the same opponent (including campaigns and barbarians) will yield 20% of the maximum experience. For example a campaign giving 450 experience in an instant success battle will instead give only 90 experience on first loss of battle.