Every real player in Warstorm becomes the virtual General of an ever-growing army. Your General is represented by an avatar that you create during the registration process. Your General gains experience, ultimately allowing for army growth through the awarding of Basic packs every time they gain a level.

Your General is special in that they are not represented by a card. As such they do have neither Abilities nor an attack value. They do, however have health, and this health is what you must protect (and deplete from the opposing General) to win. Because Generals by themselves can't do much, however, they rely on Troops, lead by a Hero, to do their bidding. Only Troops can reduce an opposing General's health, and even then only through physical attacks. There is no way to recover lost health to your General.

The statistics of your General are found in the Manage Army tab, where you can view:

  • Your level
  • Experience (accumulated as well as needed for the next level)
  • Number of squad slots available to your army
  • Ladder ranking
  • Battle rating
  • Win/Loss summary of the last 10 games
  • Origin (flavour text entered in the registration process describing your avatar's background efforts in becoming a General)