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Human card typesEdit

Card Type Availability
Apparition No
Archer No
Barrier Yes
Beast Yes
Cavalry Yes
Dragon Yes
Fiend No
Hero Yes
Imp No
Infantry Yes
Siege No
Summoner No
Artifact Yes (2)
Spell Yes (4)
Dwarf Yes

The faction-based artifacts are Deadly Poniard and Mithril Shield.

The faction-based spells are Ball Lightning, Champion, Harry, and Charge.

Humans abilitiesEdit

The major abilities of humans:

Humans Advantages Edit

Humans are one of the Factions immediately available in Novice Packs, although the more powerful cards are not available in the Novice set.

A list of advantages for humans:

1. Humans have strong Infantry and Cavalry, and many units make use of the Block ability, making Humans a durable Faction.

2. Humans have access to the Icebolt ability. This is effectively a combination of Trap and Zap, and is among the better abilites in Warstorm.

3. Humans can use the Earthworks card to create a wall of health in Infantry decks. Combined with Heal, this can be difficult to overcome.

Humans Disadvantages Edit

Humans have good ground units, but they have trouble with Flyers. To kill Flyers, Humans must rely on their own Flyers, eg. The Giant Eagle, or indirect damages such as Zap, Blast or Ice Bolt. Humans have no Archers whatsoever.

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