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Immune is an ability that the card will have many of the negative effects from caster cards be neglected. Although it is able to defend against many effects it is weak in a few aspects. Immune in particular will block most ability damage cast by enemy units, including destroy and assassinate, and all negative statuses cast be enemy units (Poison, Death Aura, Disease, Frozen, Trap) If an unit gains immune after getting a status, it will not go away. (by equipping immune artifacts) Strangely, Immune will not block reflect damage, but it is not easy to trigger this, the main way is to equip an artifact to immune unit.

The main weakness to immune is high attack and possibly whirlwind. Moreover, most immune units are unable to take out flying units alone. Immune is also prone when not in play. Sabotage can take out the units easily.

Ability specifications with Immune[]

All ability effects cast be units, spells and artifacts will bypass Immune of an unit at the SAME side as the caster.
As examples, immune units can be healed, regenerate, will gain all effects of equipped artifacts including those negative ones, like lose morale and pay life.
However, for Power Drain, it is known to bypass the immune effect of the enemy unit, but is unknown if it bypasses immune effect of the artifact itself.
Ability Result? Why?
Animated Irrevelant Not in play
Archery Bypass Attack based
Attack Plus Bypass Attack based
Berserk Bypass Benefical
Blast Neglected Ability Damage from enemy side
Block Bypass Attack based
Boost Bypass Attack based
Burn All Neglected Negative Status
Chain Zap Neglected Ability Damage from enemy side
Command Bypass Benefical
Death Aura Neglected Negative Status
Demoralize Bypass Not acting to unit
Destroy Neglected Ability Damage from enemy side
Destroy Artifacts Neglected Status-similarity
Devour Bypass Ability Damage from friendly side
Disease Neglected Negative Status
Drain Bypass Attack based
Drainbolt Neglected Ability Damage from enemy side
Explode Neglected Ability Damage from enemy side
Fear Neglected Negative Status
Firebolt Neglected Ability Damage from enemy side
Firebreath Neglected Ability Damage from enemy side
Flaming Neglected Negative Status
Flying Bypass Attack based
Frenzy Bypass Attack based
Gain Bypass Positive Status (Artifact gain pay life 2 is excepted)
Give Bypass Positive Status
Guard Bypass Positive Status
Harass Bypass Not in play

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List of cards with Immune[]





The Soulless


Banur Ritualist