Warstorm Wiki

Orc card types[]

Card Type Availability
Apparition No
Archer Yes
Barrier Yes
Beast Yes
Cavalry No
Dragon Yes
Fiend No
Hero Yes
Imp No
Infantry Yes
Siege Yes
Summoner No
Artifact Yes (2)
Spell Yes (4)

The faction-based artifacts are Skarg's Axe and War Brew.

The faction-based spells are Bloodlust, Madness, Fervor, and Atrocity.

Orc abilities[]

The major abilities of orcs:

Orc Advantages[]

Orcs, since they are not a "free" race (one that cannot be used unless real-world money has been spent, or buying expert packs in Facebook which cost large sum of silver), are one of the stronger races in the game.

A list of advantages for orcs:

  1. Units have average load times, taking an average of 6 turns to come into play.
  2. Units have high hit points and high attack values.

Orc Disadvantages[]

Orcs are strong and tough, but are weak against Dragons and Flying units. Orc heroes that can use spells such as Ground have more success against flying units than those who do not. Although, units with the Zap ability or the Blast ability can damage flying units as well. Protection units are generally weaker and orcs lack effective healers.

List of good spells and artifacts against Dragon/Flying units:

  1. Ground (Spell)
  2. Zap (Spell)
  3. Blast (Spell)
  4. Sabotage (Spell)
  5. Helm of Absorption (Artifact)