Each card in Warstorm has a specific rarity. This determines a number of factors, such as its likelihood of being in a particular reward pack, the overall statistics such as ready counters, as well as its relative value on the Marketplace.

Many of the cards have two variations of rarity. Those with higher rarity have a ready value 2 lower than their more common counterparts.

In Facebook, Legendary and Fable cards are only available in Mercenaries Expansion Packs and Expert Packs and not in Novice Packs.

There are seven levels of rarity:

Tier Rarity Colour
1 Basic Gray
2 Common Yellow
3 Uncommon Green
4 Rare Blue
5 Epic Purple
6 Legendary Orange
7 Fabled Red


  • The Basic Set and Novice Packs do not have any Fabled cards.
  • All packs, both in or Facebook, give a large portion of commoner cards and small number of rare cards.
  • The add-friend reward released in Facebook all give higher tier of the cards.
  • Most cards have 2 tiers, but a few cards don't, they include most of the basic cards and Matimilopeotryx (which only has Fabled rating)
  • As of now because of the tier system, the best ready value a card can get is 0, and the lower tier of that card is 2. The main difference is that the unit will be put into play as long as it is drawn or a new turn begins, as such, the spell Zap can possibly enter play (and kill enemy) in enemy's turn.