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A spell is a card that will generally help turn the tides of the battle. They are put into graveyard once their effect has been used. However, those spells without any available targets will reset its ready value and remain in staging area. Animated spells act like animated units and have a 50% chance of returning to the staging area.

List of spells effects with certain criteria to remain in staging area:

Attack +x, Heal No friendly unit in play
Blast, Burn All, Chain Zap, Death Aura, Disease, Icebolt, Poison, Trap, Sap, Zap No enemy unit in play (immune unit counts, in case only immune units are in play the spell will be useless and goes to graveyard)
Rush (Rush all) No friendly unit in staging area
Sabotage, Harass No enemy units in staging area
Reanimate, Reclaim No friendly units in graveyard
Gain Morale Full morale
Vampires Invulnerable No Vampires in play or all vampires are in effect of another Vampires Invulnerable.

All spells have a even ready value, ranging from 0 to 14. Most spells also have two rarity version, similar to other cards the rarer cards have 2 less ready value than the common counterparts.

A general list of spell effects[]

This list is not a complete list of spells, it is a list of generalization of effects from all spells.
Main Effect Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
Blast x 1, animated 2 None
Boost +x 2, all attacks 3, 2 attacks 4, 1 attack, lose morale 6
Burn All Yes None None
Chain Zap x 3 None None
Curse All Yes None None
Demoralize x 2, animated 4 6, lose morale 2
Destroy Artifacts Yes Animated None
Disease all Yes None None
Firebolt all x 4 None None
Flying all Yes None None
Gain Morale x 4, animated 6 None
Harass All x 1, rush all 1 2 None
Heal All x 1, sap all 1 2, animated 4
Icebolt x 2, 3 2 None
Icebolt All x 2 None None
Poison x 6 None None
Poison All x 2 2 None
Resurrect 1, animated None None
Reclaim x 3 None None
Remove All Flying Yes Animated None
Rush x 4, animated 6 None
Rush all x 1, harass 1 None None
Sabotage 1 None None
Sap x 5 None None
Sap All x 1 1, heal 1 2, lose morale 2
Snipe x 2, two targets None None
Trap All Yes None No
Whip All 1 None None
Zap x 3, two targets 3, animated 4

List of Spells[]