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About Assassinate Deck[]

Assassinate deck aims to wash out all the enemies by destroy-related abilities, or creating a empty period which new allied units can seep into the play and deplete the morale points quickly. 1 Squad deck aims mainly to kill all enemy units (some 2 Squad decks too), while larger decks aims to deplete the morale points without disturbance.

Assassinate deck makes use of Destroy, Assassinate abilities, also with minority of Reclaim, resurrect, animate, reanimate.

1 Squad assassinate deck are divided into Assassinate-Animated and Assassinate-Reclaim decks. The first type of deck can only sustain some time of time, but usually longer than regular decks do. The second type aims to preserve near-infinite lifespan of a deck, while using assassinate to wash out the enemy units.

2 Squad Assassinate decks can simply be merged with two assassinate decks, while larger ones are required to put some high attack and low ready units.

Constructing Assassinate deck[]

At least one spell slot is needed to put Assassinate All (Cataclysm) into the deck. A selection of both high and low ready cards, along with some animated cards should be put into the deck, to prevent the assassination from sweeping the ally units badly. Since it is often the friendly units are in adverse situation, it is recommended to put regenerate units, flying units, heal units and/or animated units. For reclaiming usage please see the article.