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About Reclaim Decks[]

Reclaim Deck is a deck consisting of sufficient reclaim (or reanimate) cards, such that the reviving power is enough to partially sustain the battle for very long time, much longer than normal decks do. However the battling force (especally in 1 squad or 2 squad) is considerably weakened, and may be prone to high attack value and demoralize decks.

Reclaim and Reanimate cards are the essential cards for this kind of deck. Animated cards can also help to revive those unable to revive properly.

List of cards for Reclaim Deck[]

Card Name Card Type Effect Usage and popularity
Cam, Zombie Master Undead Hero Deploy: Reanimate Undead 2 Although this card resurrects 2 undeads, which may also have animated ability, he can not bring any spells or artifacts. Besides the only undead troop with Reclaim, the Grave Binder, also has Devour which might be hazardous to the squad. He is not able to form an effective 1 squad Reclaim deck but is very helpful in 2 squad or more. Moreover, he might be able to form 1 squad half-Reclaim deck as he might reanimate powerful undeads such as Black Dragon.
Grave Spawn Undead Infantry Deploy: Reanimate Basically a placeholder for stronger units, although it seems to be nearly useless, Using unsummon onto them may force more of the units being reanimated, thus actually doing work on making a half-Reclaim deck. Still, a minimum of 2 squads are needed to apply the technique.
Life Trapper Undead Infantry Sacrifice: Reanimate This card is even less useful than Grave Spawn. Also because you must let it die to activate it, you cannot unsummon the life trapper in order to revive more people. Basically useless.
Recycle Neutral Spell Reclaim 3 As the most renowned revival card, this spell is widely used in Reclaim decks, Half-Reclaim or even as mere support in regular deck. As it is a spell with rather low ready (4 or 6) it is recommended to put long-lasting low ready units (Like Flesh Golem or Wall of Bones) in order to sustain longer in the deck.
Arugi the Digger Undead Hero Reclaim 1 It is the recommeded hero to be used in 1 squad Reclaim deck. It has a general Rclaim 1, 6 health, and two artifact spaces. Moreover it is undead, thus putting more animated becomes possible, along with some drain and drainbolt to prolong lives of undead. He is slightly weaker than Gwyn, so some powerful units should be put, moreover it is essential to put Corpse Candle or Battle Horn into the deck.
Corpse Candle Neutral Artifact Reclaim 2, Pay Life 1 It is a valuable resource to reclaim two cards at the same time. However the unit processing the artifact should have sufficiently strong abilities or regeneration, like a Black Drake would barely hold it for 3-4 turns.
Dawnward Sextant and Battle Horn Elf Artifact, Neutral Artifact Reclaim 1 Although Dawnward sextant comes into play faster, it is not deemed to be much more powerful, as the power of both artifacts are dependant on the equipping unit. They are more eaily obtainable and serve similar purpose, only more suitable in smaller battles than for corpse candle.
Gwyn Lightbringer Elf Hero Reclaim 1 Our fair lady for bringing elves into life. She has general stat (6 health and 2 attack), can hold two spells and has Reclaim 1. She is fairly strong in making ground Reclaim decks, then means in 1 squad she cannot make units respond to air units properly. Some strong archer units can be put there though, but then the average ready value would be too high.
Blue Summoner Demon Summoner Reclaim 1 A selection from the other side. The summoner is equivalent to a footman but as long as he survives he continue to drag demons back into play. Two blue summoners would be a very big trouble when inside a dragon deck. An alternative to this is to partner it with artifacts and spells.
Beastcaller Shaman Orc Infantry Reclaim Beast 1 The shaman is best partnered with both quick and strong beasts, but remember to put some anti-air units into the squad. He cannot be used to substitue for a Reclaim Deck but can do minor help.