Warstorm Wiki

Troops are an integral part of the Warstorm world. Troops are soldiers, monsters, beasts and fortifications. In facebook they are called units. By that means, troop this term no longer exists in Warstorm as Warstorm.com is the only source to it.

They cannot be heroes. (In fact no troop unit has card type hero) The number of troops to be brought in a squad is determined by the property of the hero leading the troop. The maximum number of troop to be included in a squad is 6. The minimum number is 2, currently The Soulless requires that.

Troops must be the same faction as the hero, or being neutral unit. Because the troops are limited according to factions, many squads have limited abilities when compared to theoretically mixed squads. That indicates, single troops have much less variation compared to large squads (although the randomness is still very large) and actually cannot make use of ally series abilities.

Although troops are renamed as Units in Facebook, it must not be mixed with the general name Unit because any hero in role does not count as a troop or unit.