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Undead card types[]

Card Type Availability
Apparition Yes
Archer Yes
Barrier Yes
Beast Yes
Cavalry Yes
Dragon Yes
Fiend No
Hero Yes
Imp No
Infantry Yes
Siege No
Summoner No
Artifact Yes (2)
Spell Yes (5)


The faction-based artifacts are Cursed Medallion and Putrid Dagger.

The faction-based spells are Contagion, Curse, Plague, Weaken, and Necromancy.

Undead abilities[]

The major abilities of undeads:

Undead Advantages[]

The Undead are not available in Novice Packs, but free players can still obtain them by buying Expert Packs with Warstorm Cash .

The Undead are the only faction with the Animated ability. This allows an Undead player to stay in play longer, all the while weakening their enemies using powers such as Death Aura and Disease.

Undead Disadvantages[]

The Undead sometimes lack the durability or brute strength of other Factions.