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"For those should die will not revive."
Rienn Itari
Current jobs on wikia-wise sites
Semi active editor on This wiki (Runescape wiki)
Bureaucrat and System operator on Warstorm wiki
System operator on Traditional Chinese Uncyclopedia

Hello there. I am currently the only active burie and sysop of this Baby wiki. Warstorm is a complex game but a comprehensive wiki is not really available. This wiki itsslf, has some potential to become a very valuable database and community resource. I would try to nourish the wiki with leisure and happiness.
  • For warstorm enquiries please contact on my user talk page, or facebook account "Crows La Lyre Muskrats".
  • For runescape enquiries please ask at rewlf2's take pag in RSwiki.
  • For other matters please contect rewlf2@hotmail.com.


Yea gaah lol, the name of Crows is an anagram joke. The hint, is that the middle name is a seperate word.

Mactar Steeping is anagram for "Campaign tester". Don't contact Mactar, but contact Crows please.

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