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30 September, 2010
Rewlf2 has been selected to adopt the Warstorm Wiki, planning to nourish content and induce population from Warstorm. He aims to convert the wiki into a comprehensvive database and a commuication platform.
13 November, 2008
Warstorm.wikia.com is launched! With the growing popularity of the online, collectable card game from Challenge Games, Warstorm, this wiki has been set up as a community-based encyclopaedia to help promote the game, allow players to grow their knowledge and provide a repository for strategies.

News on Warstorm

3 November, 2010
Thank you players for participation in the monster pack event, all those into the battle are now rewarded with the Dragon Scepter.
26 October, 2010
Part of monsters pack has been released on Facebook! These feature Lady Raiven, Increase Burn ability, and much more! Demon barbarians have also seeped into the territories! Quickly defeat them to obtain a Dragon Scepter!

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Warstorm is an online, collectable card game that allows players to assemble and battle squads of fantasy-based troops against each other.

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