Warstorm Wiki

A complete game of Warstorm battle is shown in the workflow. It consists of ready decrement phase, in which units, spells and artifacts come into play; and a number of battle cycles, which each friendly unit undergo its actions.

Ready deployment phase[]

The game is played in turns between player and opponent. The first player to start, draws a card to his Staging Area. The Card has a Ready Value which decreases by one for every turn it is in the Staging Area. If one or more units reach 0 ready, they are put into Battle Field in the first available space on its side. Any ready spells will immediately take effect after the Attack Phase. Those spells without any available targets will reset its ready value and start counting down its a Ready Value in the staging area until at least one card maybe effected.

List of spells effects with certain criteria to remain in staging area:

Attack +x, Heal No friendly unit in play
Blast, Burn All, Chain Zap, Death Aura, Disease, Icebolt, Poison, Trap, Sap, Zap No enemy unit in play (immune unit counts, in case only immune units are in play the spell will be useless and goes to graveyard)
Rush (Rush all) No friendly unit in staging area
Sabotage, Harass No enemy units in staging area
Resurrect,Reclaim No friendly units in graveyard
Gain Morale Full morale

All artifacts will go in play. Artifacts are always equipped to the leftmost unit possible, but one unit can equip one and only one artifact, so it will equip to second leftmost unit if the previous unit is already equiped. If an artifact becomes ready with no units to equip it goes into a reserve box, to the left of the battleground, and waits for a one to be available.

Battle cycles[]

From the leftmost unit, it perform a battle cycle. When its battle cycle is finished the unit just right of it will perform another battle cycle. If an unit is already killed in player's turn before it has battle cycle (for example, by explode) the whole battle cycle of that unit will be skipped. If all units performed their actions during their respective cycle, the turn ends and the opposing player's turn starts.